Delicious and easy to make recipe! –

Delicious and easy to make recipe!

Do you love shallots? This uniquely tasting onion is essential in French cuisine and is very easy to grow. It finds its place perfectly in the vegetable garden alongside garlic and onion. And if you’re lucky enough to have it in your kitchen, you can taste it in different forms and especially candied! Shallot confitia is eaten especially on public holidays with meat or roasted vegetables and even small toasts. Here is a simple and delicious shallot confit recipe. Its special taste will delight sweet and savory lovers. For your ovens!

What I need:

  • 2 or 3 empty jars of jam
  • 700 g shallots
  • 1 teaspoon strong mustard
  • 25 cl red wine vinegar
  • 500 g granulated sugar (or 250 g sugar + 250 g honey to taste)
  • A touch of fresh thyme
candied shallots
Credits: olgakr / iStock

Shallot confit preparation steps:

1) Start by peeling the shallots. Then cut them finely.

2) Put the shallots in a stainless steel saucepan and add the vinegar. A stainless steel pot is highly recommended because vinegar is corrosive.

3) Cook over low heat for 2 minutes and then add mustard, sugar (or sugar + honey) and a large pinch of thyme.

4) Cook for an hour on low heat. Stir occasionally.

5) Follow the cooking so that the shallots gently caramelize and remain creamy. They should not dry out.

6) When the ideal composition is reached, immediately place the mixture in hot water sterilized jars.

7) Close airtight jars and turn them upside down before storing them in a dry and cool place.

All you have to do is enjoy your shallot confit whenever you want!